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In addition to our Keynote Presentations, the 2014 Congress Workshop Topics Include:

Catechesis and Evangelization:
Bill Donaghy - TOB and Art
Mother Olga - TOB and Our Lady
Emily Stimpson - TOB in Everyday Life

Marriage and Family:
Dr. John Grabowski - TOB and Marriage
Dr. Greg and Lisa Popcak - Educating Kids in TOB
Dr. Peter Damgaard-Hansen - TOB and Forgiveness, Mercy and Healing

Pastoral Ministry:
Rose Sweet - TOB and Divorce and Healing
Andrew Comisky - TOB and Same Sex Attraction
Brian Butler - TOB and Youth

Philosophy and Theology:
Dr. Deborah Savage - TOB and The New Feminism
Fr. Brett Brannon - TOB and Celibacy
Dr. Edward Sri - TOB and the Eucharist

Panel and Roundtable Discussion Topics:
TOB and Natural Family Planning, Sponsored by the Couple to Couple League
TOB and Pornography, Sponsored by Covenant Eyes
TOB and Youth and Young Adults, Sponsored by DumbOx Ministries
How to Start a TOB Apostolate
TOB and Same Sex Attraction
TOB and Singles